‘People fed up with BJP misrule in State’

KPCC Working President and MLC Saleem Ahmed has said that fed up with the misrule and administrative failures of the BJP, people have begun favouring the Congress and the recent results of the elections to the urban local bodies are proof of it.

Addressing presspersons in Hubballi on Saturday, Mr. Saleem Ahmed said that the Congress had won 11 seats in the Legislative Council elections, while losing two seats with a low margin.

“But when the vote share is taken into consideration, the Congress has secured 48% of the votes compared to 41% votes polled by the BJP. In the elections to the urban local bodies also, the Congress has won more seats. The Congress vote share in these elections is 42.19% compared to 36.68% vote share of the BJP. The data clearly shows that people have lost faith in the BJP now,” he said.

Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “king of lies”, Mr. Saleem Ahmed said that Mr. Modi deserved Oscar award for his achievement. He said that the BJP came to power in the State through Operation Kamala and ever since no development works have taken place. Consequently, the people have taught a lesson to that party in the elections, he said.

Membership drive

Mr. Saleem Ahmed said that the party is now focussing on further strengthening the party from the booth level. “Through a membership drive we plan to get at least 50 lakh people enrolled as members of the party. The party will be transformed into a cadre-based organisation from a mass-based party,” he said.

Stating that because of the fear of losing, the BJP was delaying the elections to zilla and taluk panchayats, Mr. Saleem Ahmed said that not only the party will win more seats in these elections, it will also go on to win 150 seats in the next Assembly elections.

Presidents of Urban and Rural District Congress units Anilkumar Patil and Altaf Halwoor, the former MLAs N.H. Konaraddi, M.S. Akki, the former KPYCC president Sadanand Danganavar and others were present.

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