Peak load falls below 11K MW in Telangana

Lower temperatures, low demand from farm sector brings down energy consumption

With the reduced demand from the agriculture sector and some respite from the Sun for the last few days, the peak load of power on the transmission system and the energy consumption in the State were recorded lowest on Tuesday during the last 107-day period.

The peak load of power on the transmission system was recorded around 10,700 megawatt on Tuesday, the lowest since March 23 last year. This rabi season, the peak demand on Tuesday was lowest since December 28 last.

“As the demand for energy from the agriculture has come down by about a half from over 5,000 MW till the last week, the peak demand has slipped below the 11,000 MW mark for the first time this rabi season. The previous lowest this season was on December 29, when it clocked below the 11,000 MW mark,” officials of the TS-Transco explained.

Similarly, the energy consumption too is expected to register below 236 million units (MU) on Tuesday. The last time it was recorded below that level this season was on February 21 and on Monday it was slightly over that level at 236.25 MU has been recorded below 236 million units on Tuesday.

The peak load on the system has slipped below 13,000 MW about a week back, on April 5. “Although the demand from the agriculture sector is on the decline as paddy has reached the harvesting stage at many places, the demand from domestic and commercial sectors is keeping the load and demand high this summer, compared to last year,” the Transco officials said.

During the last summer, the highest energy consumption was recorded on March 18 when it was 256.18 MU. This summer, the highest consumption was recorded on April 3 when it was 286.12 MU and the peak load on the system clocked highest on March 26 at 13,688 MW. During the last rabi, the maximum peak load registered was 13,168 MW on February 28.

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