Online writing workshop for children

The session is organised by Word to Word Consulting and is open for ages 10 to 12

Introduce your child to the world of books and writing at the Words and Visuals online programme. This is the third edition of the programme organised by Word to Word Consulting, a content management company. The session will be available in two batches for children of ages 10 to 12.

Words and Visuals will follow a playway method to sharpen writing skills of the participants. “There will be word games, puzzles, role plays, writing prompts and lateral thinking exercises as a part of the event. Children will be encouraged to creatively express themselves and come up with their own stories. If the kids are nurturing the dream to be an author, this will give them tips and tricks to discover the art of writing,” explains Anjana Chandramouly, co-founder of the company.

There will also be a book reading and review session. “They will read out books authored by Ruskin Bond. Audio and video clips will also be shown to the kids and they will have to express their understanding of it in words,” she adds.

The first edition of the programme was conducted offline in Chennai and Bengaluru in 2019. “It had 20 kids. We went online from last year due to COVID-19. It has increased our reach and now we have students from around the world,” she says. The team has published selected poems and short stories children online. “We are hoping to do it this year too. We are just looking at the different options,” she concludes.

The first batch of Words and Visuals will be on May 10-14 from 11 am to 12.30 pm and the second batch is on May 17-21 from 5 pm to 6.30 pm. Registration fee is ₹2,000. Call 9900567140 for details.

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