Notice to businessman who brought Telangana MLA to drug party

The party, which was held two years ago, had been organised by Kannada film producer and accused drug dealer Shankare Gowda

The narcotics ring that the Govindapura police uncovered in March involving a reality TV star, a Telugu actor and a producer has taken yet another twist as an MLA from Telangana allegedly attended a party hosted by Kannada film producer and accused drug dealer Shankare Gowda two years ago. Drugs were allegedly sold and consumed at the party.

The MLA’s name has not been revealed. However, the police have issued a notice to a businessman from Hyderabad, Kalahar Reddy, who, along with another associate, had accompanied the MLA to the party.

“We want to question the businessman to ascertain his role in this racket after which we will probe whether the MLA consumed drugs at the party,” said a senior police officer. “Even if he consumed drugs at the party, it would be difficult to establish given that it happened two years ago.”

“Shankare Gowda used to organise parties for his clients. Along with drugs, he would also arrange for dance bar girls to be present. Politicians, celebrities and businessmen from the city and neighbouring states attended these parties. One such party was hosted two years, which the MLA attended accompanied by two Hyderabad-based businessmen to discuss a land deal,” the police officer added.

The police said they have questioned the other businessman Sandeep Reddy, who said the MLA left the party after having a drink.

During the probe into a narcotics ring, reportedly run by three foreign nationals from Nigeria, the police had recovered a large cache of drugs worth about ₹4 crore. The arrest of the three dealers led the police to former Big Boss contestant Mastan Chandra and producer Shankare Gowda, both of whom have been arrested. As part of the investigation, the police had summoned Tollywood actor Tanish for questioning.

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