Mystery thriller 'Dejavu' streaming on Amazon Prime

Dejavu is a mystery thriller film based mainly on content. The critically acclaimed movie will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video in Telugu. Directed by Arvind Srinivasan, this mystery thriller stars Arul Nithi, Madhubala, Smriti Venkat, Achyut Kumar, Kali Venkat, and Mime Gopi in lead roles. Srinivasan has directed this film with gripping twists and unexpected turns.

What happens when a novelist’s imagined characters come alive and threaten him? What happens when fantasy becomes a terrifying reality? When the movie was released in Tamil theaters in July 2022, it got the good talk. It also received critical acclaim.

Rajasekhar Annabhimoju Telugu version was produced by Bhavani DVD Inc. with the intention of providing such quality content and a thrilling experience to the Telugu audience. Gibran’s music and PG Muttiah’s cinematography have been praised for this film.

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