Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix Series is Educational, Actress Keyla McNeely Says

Keyla McNeely says she’s proud of her work in the Jeffrey Dahmer series even though some folks are upset over it … because she thinks there are important lessons to learn.

We got Keyla, who plays Dorothy Straughter in the Dahmer docuseries, at LAX, and she pointed out what she believes are some useful takeaways.

keyla on Dahmer

Keyla says she knows lots of folks who didn’t know a thing about Dahmer, his crimes or his victims before the docuseries exploded on Netflix … and says the show shines a light on racial and homophobic bias from cops, which she believes is still present.

As folks who had the stomach to watch “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” know, there’s a narrative about police ignoring obvious clues when it involved gay and/or Black people.

As we reported … some of the families of Jeffrey’s victims think Netflix painted a sympathetic image of the serial killer, and some of the survivors are calling BS on Dahmer’s father Lionel telling Dr. Phil he missed the warning signs with his son.

In any event, Keyla says the Dahmer story needs to be told … if for no other reason than to educate and prevent something similar from happening again.

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