Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal awards reduced compensation to petitioner

He was driving inebriated and did not have valid documents.

The Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal, Chennai, has cut compensation by 30% for an electrician after it was found that he was driving a motorcycle while inebriated and also did not have a valid driving licence or vehicle insurance.

In his petition, E. Radhakrishnan said while riding a motorbike in Virugambakkam on February 2, 2009, he was knocked down by another which came in the opposite direction.

He named A.K.T Arunachalapandian, owner of the other motorcycle, and its insurer United India Insurance Co. Ltd. as respondents. In its response, the insurance company said Radhakrishnan was driving inebriated and did not hold a valid driving licence. Further, it noted that his motorcycle’s insurance policy was not available on the date of the accident and sought the dismissal of the petition.

The tribunal ruled that the accident occurred due to the other motorist. However, it said Radhakrishnan was also at fault.

It directed the insurance firm to pay compensation of ₹1.18 lakh, after deducting 30% from the total compensation of ₹1.69 lakh.

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