Modi should work as PM for whole country, not just BJP, says Alagiri

‘Centre is extremely biased in the distribution of vaccines to States’

TNCC president K.S. Alagiri on Thursday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi must stop looking at the COVID-19 crisis from a political viewpoint and start working as the Prime Minister for the whole country instead of being a “PM for the BJP” alone.

Mr. Alagiri questioned Mr. Modi’s statement while imposing the lockdown last year that the Mahabharata war took 14 days, and the COVID-19 war will be won in 21 days. “But what is the situation in India today? 1.38 crore people have been affected by COVID-19 so far and 1.72 lakh peole have lost their lives. Is this the benefit got by the country from the Prime Minister’s anti-COVID strategy?” he asked.

In a statement, he also accused the Central government of being extremely biased in the distribution of vaccines to the States and claimed the Centre was following one rule for Opposition-ruled States and one for BJP-ruled States.

Mr. Alagiri said the Centre was showing hesitancy in providing financial assistance to the two companies — Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech — which are manufacturing the vaccines in India.

“They are unable to ramp up capacity without adequate financing. The Centre should help these companies with the required financial assistance and enable them to increase the vaccine manufacturing capacity,” he said.

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