Mahesh organized the grand ceremony of Krishna.. Meals for fans with 32 dishes.. !

Both Krishna and Krishnamraj are good friends. Both entered as character artists and became heroes. Both became star heroes. They gave us star heroes like Mahesh and Prabhas. The sad thing is that both of them died this year. Prabhas was deeply saddened when Krishna Raju passed away. Also Mahesh was shocked when Krishna passed away.

Meanwhile.. What is the great quality of both Krishna and Krishnamraju.. The way they receive their fans is very great. In Particular, they used to send a full meal with various dishes to their fans and media friends. That’s why Prabhas went to his hometown when Krishna Raju was gone and prepared meals with 50 types of dishes for his fans there. Thus Krishnamraj performed the Pedda Karma grandly.

Now it’s Mahesh’s turn. Krishna Garu’s memorial program was grandly organized yesterday i.e. Sunday, November 27. He sent 32 types of dishes and sweets to the fans who came from Tenali and Guntur areas. The program was held in a grand manner at the Convention Center in Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad.

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