Kottayam to be made experiential tourism hub

RT mission to focus on village tourism

The Responsible Tourism Mission Kerala has launched a special project to convert Kottayam into a special hub of experiential tourism in the post-COVID-19 period, K. Rupesh Kumar, State coordinator of the mission, has said.

Addressing a one-day training class for the newly elected representatives of the three-tier local bodies in the district, he said tourism would undergo a major change in the post-pandemic scenario with the concept of village tourism gaining prominence.

“Rural lifestyles, art activities, taste diversity and agriculture are all set to become major tourist attractions. Taking this into consideration, the RT mission has prepared experiential tour packages with special focus on villages, including Vaikom, Kumarakom, Aymanam, Thiruvarp, Munnilav, Melkavu Matom and Manimala. The local self-government institutions have a key role in making this project a sucess,” he said.

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