Kilpauk Medical College Alumni Association to train young volunteers in villages

They will work with healthcare workers to manage COVID-19

The Kilpauk Medical College Alumni Association has come up with a project to protect populations in remote villages from COVID-19.

The KMC Alulmni COVID Relief Project aims at protecting the population in villages by creating a strong network of trained volunteers and healthcare workers. Residents of villages, who wish to become volunteers, will network with the community to prevent the spread of the infection. The association has planned to adopt 100 villages across the State and 100 doctors will each network with a resident volunteer in the selected villages.

The alumni will train resident volunteers besides providing some basic equipment such as thermometers, pulse oxymeters, surgical masks and sanitisers to the villages. “In case someone takes ill with fever, these volunteers will help identify them, and based on the symptoms they would be taught to isolate themselves and then go to a hospital for treatment,” said R. Prasad Manne, association secretary.

The effort would have a two-fold impact of not only providing the villagers with basic necessities but also spread awareness about not spreading the infection to others. The alumni has called on students of medical and arts colleges who are residents of the communities to volunteer. “They will work with the healthcare worker allotted for the community. The alumni association will train the volunteers on primary care, and they in turn will work closely with the assigned doctor [on-call support] to help COVID-19 patients,” the doctor said.

Each volunteer will be provided with a primary care kit (including two pulse oxymeters, two infrared thermometers, 100 surgical masks and 120 ml hand steriliser solution). Not only will the volunteer provide primary care they will also train the community on recognising COVID-19 symptoms, safety measures and precautions, general hygiene, quarantine protocols and create awareness on vaccination.

Dr. Manne said, “We are sending a kit of basic medical requirements to 14 villages today. These would be placed in a common place and the villagers can access them. The volunteers will also inform the nearest government hospital in case of infection. Whatever the government is doing we are trying to strengthen its effort.”

The association has selected Seelathikulam and Cheran Mahadevi in Tirunelveli; M.N. Patti, Kampattu, Chennavaram and Ogaiyur in Tiruvannamalai; Kalipatti and Keerambur in Tiruchi; Mettukuppam in Villupuram; Kothamangalam in Pudukottai; Vellar and Thethigiripatti in Salem district, and the equipment was despatched on Tuesday.

“It is all happening remotely. The volunteers will also work by staying in touch over phone,” he said. Those willing to become volunteers may contact Gayathri at: 6374126443

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