Kerala govt’s move brings cheers to IT employees

“IT employees require a space like a pub or wine parlour to relax and unwind.”

The government’s move to set up night-life facilities around IT parks in the State has evoked positive response from IT professionals.

Aneesh Panthalani, president, Progressive Techies (PT), a socio-cultural organisation of techies here, welcomed the Chief Minister’s announcement that the government will consider opening night-life facilities like pubs and wine parlours for employees in the IT sector.

"The absence of pubs and other means for night-life has been a drawback in the State’s IT sector. Companies, especially multinational firms, always look out for leisure and recreation facilities for their employees while deciding on their office locations,” he said. Mr. Aneesh pointed out that the cultural and traditional restrictions in the State had delayed the opening of such night-life facilities.

Sison K.K., an IT professional and member of the PT, said that IT employees require a space like a pub or wine parlour to relax and unwind after the day-long work under tremendous pressure. “All the major IT hubs in the country have similar facilities and we have been lagging behind in introducing such facilities,” he said.

Deepa, who works at Infopark here, pointed out that leading companies like Google have a variety of spaces for leisure, recreation and fun. “Such managements understand the relevance of leisure and recreational facilities for its employees and they have integrated it along with their working space. Is it not better to have these facilities inside IT parks itself, as those who wish to explore it will anyway avail the facilities available outside,” she asked.

Padma, an IT professional in Thiruvananthapuram, had a different take as she suggested that the government and the companies should focus on ensuring work-life balance by offering a flexible working atmosphere rather than viewing the lack of such facilities as a shortcoming in the State’s IT sector.

"The business need to focus on the human side rather than stepping up pressure on employees by coming up with unrealistic goals. With work from home turning a reality owing to the pandemic situation, work pressure has gone up considerably," she said.

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