Kasivilangi fish market to be closed till May 31

The Kasivilangi fish market has been closed until May 31 for retail and wholesale transactions. The decision was taken by the vendors to prevent the spread of the infection at the market, where crowding of customers is noticeable every weekend.

Speaking to The Hindu, V. Rajendran, president, Kasivilangi Market Fish Vendors Welfare Association, said the decision to close the venue was taken after witnessing increasing crowds on Fridays and Saturdays before the Sunday lockdown.

“We learn from the media that more than 1,500 people test positive in the district every day. Of them, many were the city limits. This has caused apprehension and we have chosen to close down the market,” he said.

“Though the closure will entail heavy losses, the decision was made to ensure that we our customers stay safe. The market can become a hotspot for spread of the infection as many rush to purchase fish," he pointed out.

The customers would purchase fish at inflated prices in view of the 60-day fishing ban, and social distancing norms were ignored in the market. “We do request them to maintain COVID-19 safety protocol but things get difficult to handle and we were afraid of the consequences,” Mr. Rajendran said.

The market was opened in October lastbafter residents of Puthur and nearby Thennur areas raised multiple complaints about the unhygienic conditions at Puthur fish market. The Puthur market, located amid residential buildings and hospitals, was an eysore for residents and patients, who claimed that it posed a potential health hazard.

“We moved from there with much difficulty. We do not want to be blamed for creating a COVID-19 hotspot," said Mr. Rajendran.

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