K. Abishekapuram zone tops in COVID-19 cases

Location of many hospitals in the area is said to be main factor

K. Abhisekapuram continues to report more COVID-19 cases than the other three zones in Tiruchi.

According to data available with health authorities, 1,100 patients tested positive for the virus in Tiruchi district on Tuesday. Of them, Tiruchi city accounted for 691 fresh cases. Rural areas of the district reported 343 cases.

Out of 691 cases in the city, K. Abhisekapuram accounted for 254 followed by Srirangam with 180. While Golden Rock zone reported 167 cases, Ariyamangalam registered 90.

The trend has been almost the same in Tiruchi city over the last 10 days. The average daily case count in K. Abhisekapuram zone hovers around 250. Srirangam zone follows with around 175. Ariyamangalam zone continues to be the least affected among the four zones with around 100 patients testing positive a day.

Cases have been reported in most of the residential colonies and areas, including Kumaran Nagar, State Bank Colony, Puthur, Srinivasa Nagar, Ramalinga Nagar, Lawsons Road, Thillai Nagar, Anna Nagar and Woraiyur, in K.Abishekapuram.

Location of many hospitals, including Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital in K. Abhisekapuram zone, where a large number of COVID-19 patients are admitted for treatment, is said to be the main reason.

At least 400 to 500 patients, who have tested positive, visit the Government Hospital at Puthur every day along with their relatives either for consultation or admission. It is alleged that many of the mild and asymptomatic patients and those under home isolation visit pharmacies and restaurants to buy food and medicine. The same situation prevails near private hospitals too.

“There should be special focus to check the spread of the virus in and around hospital areas. All residential colonies should be sanitised daily in K. Abhisekapuram zone. More sanitary workers should be employed in all vulnerable areas,” says N. Jamaludeen, a consumer activist in Thennur.

According to Collector S. Sivarasu, uncontrolled movement of patients and their relatives to restaurants and other areas in the zone will be monitored. Hospitals have been asked not to entertain relatives of COVID-19 patients in the wards.

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