Instagram gets new features; View the list below

The most popular social media platform, Instagram has announced a new set of features that offer people in a better way to connect and express themselves to dear ones. It is planning to add Candid stories feature. 

The platform is testing the feature, which will allow people to capture and share anything that they are doing in a story. However, this will only visible to those who will also share their own Candid stories. Instagram is also adding another feature named BeReal app-inspired feature. The company said that it is also testing a similar feature on Facebook Stories as well. 

Instagram is also adding a new group profiles feature. With this, users can create and join this new type of profile to share posts and stories in a dedicated, shared profile with friends. To create a new group profile, one will just be required to tap on the + icon and Select Group profiles.

In the coming days, Instagram will also introduce Notes feature too. This will be a new way to share your thoughts and see what your friends are up to. Notes are short posts of up to sixty characters using just text and emojis. One can easily leave a note by going on the top of the inbox, select the followers you follow back or people on your close friends list. Once done, your note will appear at the top of your inbox for 24 hours.

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