Hero calls heroines during odd hours- casting couch, Claims the Actress

 Mallika Sherawat is a  popular name in Bollywood and she is best known for playing  the female lead in Murder, Hiss and others. She is popular for her b..d acts in the movies.  She has established herself as a s… symbol.  She has also appeared in the successful romantic comedy Pyaar Ke Side Effects which won her much critical acclaim. Recently during the media interaction, Murder star Mallika Sherawat spoke about facing the casting couch and her unwavering confidence in refusing to ‘compromise.’

 She revealed, “All the A-lister heroes refused to work with me because I wouldn’t compromise. It’s simple, they like heroines who they can control and who will compromise with them. I am not that, my personality is not that. I didn’t want to subject myself to someone’s whims and fancies.”

Politics of Love fame actress Mallika Sherawat added the heroes would even call their female counterparts home during odd hours and they would follow.  She further said, “If the hero calls you at 3 am and says, ‘Come to my house’, you have to go, if you are in that circle and if you are doing that movie. If you don’t go, then you are out of the movie.”

Mallika Sherawat also talked about giving b… scenes in the movies and how that made many film- makers come to her with weird requests in the name of offering the projects.

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