Helplines for complaints about excess charges

Complainants must provide evidence

Complaints about private hospitals overcharging for COVID-19 treatment may be made by calling toll-free numbers 18004253993 or 104. Complainants must provide required evidence for the government to take action, a government order has said.

The order applies to hospitals empanelled to treat COVID-19 patients.

The government has also issued an order stating the new pricing for various categories of treatment for the infection by private hospitals, under the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme. Cardholders can directly approach the hospital for admission, the G.O. says. The scheme will also cover the cost of investigation and medical expenses.

For non-critical care — without oxygen support — a hospital may charge ₹5,000 a day. For a bed with oxygen support, it can be ₹15,000 a day. For a person requiring ICU with invasive ventilation the cost is ₹35,000 a day, and the cost of admission to an ICU with oxygen, only as stepping down, will be ₹25,000 a day.

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