HC YouTube channel gets 6.2L views for live stream

It registers 6.2 lakh views in 24 hours; over 40,000 people watched live

The official YouTube channel of the High Court of Karnataka has registered the highest viewing of its live streaming of court proceedings on Friday with the channel registering around 6.2 lakh views for live streaming the proceeding in the petitions on wearing of hijabs in colleges on Thursday.

Also, more than 40,000 people watched the proceedings live on the channel between 2:40 p.m. and 4.45 p.m. on Thursday when a three-judge Bench heard the arguments on behalf of the petitioner students questioning ban on wearing hijabs and the State Government.

The channel had registered around 5.8 lakh views within six hours of completion of proceedings, said an official of the court, while pointing out that subscription of the channel has gone up to 59,900 from 30,000 in a day.

The Court in June 2021 had launched livestreaming of proceedings through its YouTube channel and the livestreaming of proceedings of some of the court halls every day on rotation basis has been made a permanent feature in January 2022 after the Court notified the Karnataka Rules on Live Streaming and Recording of Court Proceedings, 2021 in December 2021

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