Have no role in lawyer-couple murder: Putta Madhu

Peddapalli ZP chairman laments media trial

After being under attack from political opponents on the brutal killing of the lawyer-couple Vaman Rao and Nagamani in Manthani, Peddapalli ZP chairman and former Manthani MLA Putta Madhu clarified that he had no role in the killings as being claimed by the media.

Mr. Madhu, who was silent for three days after the killings in broad daylight, said there was a political conspiracy in dragging his name into the murder and blamed Congress MLA from Manthani D. Sreedhar Babu for what he called media propaganda against him. “The media has started the trial even as the police are investigating the murders,” he argued.

He said rumours were being spread that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and Municipal Administration Minister K.T. Rama Rao refused to meet him despite his efforts. “I made no effort to meet them or was declined a meeting. I am very much in Manthani meeting the people,” he said in response to allegations that he had returned midway on his way to Hyderabad to meet the top leadership.

Mr. Madhu also said that he would hold a press meet in Hyderabad after the police investigation and reveal the details behind the conspiracy. He claimed that Mr. Sreedhar Babu was jealous of his political rise. Accusing the media of dragging his name into the murders, he claimed that he was not a rich guy to purchase the media in his favour.

Though it was a well known fact that Mr. Madhu had differences with the deceased Vaman Rao, the focus shifted onto him after his nephew, Bittu Srinu, was arrested for allegedly supplying the swords and the car used in the murder.

Meanwhile, sources in the TRS said that the party was embarrassed with the developments given the heinous way the lawyer-couple was killed. Such a murder culture is new to Telangana and sent a wrong signal to people when the government had always praised itself on the law and order situation.

Local police role

The strong view taken by the Telangana High Court forced the police to change its initial focus of investigation from local rivalry to role of political leaders. DGP M. Mahender Reddy is apparently monitoring the case personally so as to investigate deep and not shrug it off as a murder due to rivalry between two individuals.

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