Garment exporters in Tiruppur seek higher prices for products

Garment exporters in Tiruppur have appealed to their buyers to increase the prices for the products, especially those made of organic cotton.

In a letter to the brands, president of Tiruppur Exporters’ Association, Raja Shanmugham, said the brands had supported the suppliers through the impact of COVID-19.

The exporters still faced several challenges such as high yarn price and increases in rates for accessories and job working charges. Freight costs have shot up 15% to 20%. Further, there is a steep hike in prices of organic cotton yarn in recent months to the extent of 30%. “This has totally impacted the organic garment exporting units and these units are no way in a position to absorb the price hike… It is apparently clear that they could not continue to export organic garments with the same price to niche markets,” he said.

Mr. Shanmugham appealed to the brands to understand the issues faced by the garment suppliers and urged them to increase the prices for the products they procure.

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