Four, including minor, arrested for assaulting doctor

Tarikere Police on Tuesday arrested four people, including a minor, on the charge of assaulting a doctor while holding him responsible for a child’s death.

Paediatrician Deepak, who works in a private hospital in Tarikere, was assaulted while he was returning home from hospital on May 31.

The arrested persons are Venugopal (23), Nitin (23), Ventakesh (23) and the minor boy. The police have recovered two swords from the accused.

A press release issued by Chikkamagaluru District Police said that Venugopal’s six-year-old nephew was admitted to Basaveshwara Hospital on May 25 after he developed a health complication. Dr. Deepak treated the boy and later referred him to a private hospital in Shivamogga. The boy died in Shivamogga on May 29.

Venugopal, who believed that Dr. Deepak was responsible for his nephew’s death, conspired to murder him with the help of his friends. He and his friends then assaulted the doctor with lethal weapons.

Superintendent of Police Akshay M. Hakay announced a cash prize for the police officers led by Tarikere Deputy Superintendent of Police Y.N. Eganagowdar for arresting the accused.

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