Farmers fear fall in paddy prices over ‘bumper’ yield

They urge CM to announce support price and set up procurement centres

Farmers are anxious that the price of paddy will likely fall with bumper yield expected in the State this year, thanks to bountiful rains. They fear that the plentiful yield might bring down the price. In this regard, farmers want the government to immediately establish paddy procurement centres, announcing the support price.

The Federation of State Farmers’ Organisations and the Karnataka State Sugarcane Growers’ Association have written to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai urging him to take immediate steps for establishing centres for procuring paddy as there is a likelihood of fall in paddy prices in view of good yield.

Association President Kurubur Shanthkumar said in the letter that the government must announce the support price and establish the procurement centres at the earliest. With paddy harvested in November and December, the merchants take advantage of the situation and buy the produce from farmers at a lesser price and later sell it in the procurement centres in the name of farmers. This is nothing but grave injustice against farmers who toil in the fields but get a raw deal after the harvest, he said.

He suggested that the farmers’ producer companies in the State can be given permission for opening paddy procurement centres to prevent injustice to farmers. Such companies must get loans at subsidised rates so that they could buy the produce directly from farmers. This will benefit farmers and put an end to merchants’ ploy of buying the produce at lesser rates.

Mr .Shanthkumar urged the Chief Minister to establish a system where all varieties of paddy grown by farmers are procured by the government whenever there is a fall in prices, after verifying the RTCs submitted by farmers.

He also urged the government to consider extending financial aid to farmers’ producer companies in making available logistical support to farmers for marketing their harvest.

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