‘Ethanol production absorbed 2 MT of sugar’

‘Current season may see 3.5 MT used’

Almost two million tonnes (MT) of sugar were diverted for ethanol production during the last sugar season (October 2020 to September 2021), Sudhanshu Pandey, Food Secretary, said at a webinar on sugar output on Friday.

During the current season, which started on Friday, about 3.5 MT of sugar are expected to be used for ethanol production in the country.

“[The] ethanol journey has just begun. And, we look forward to new technological interventions in future, and align our policies and programmes in a manner that we make the best of these value chains and enrich all stakeholders… and also help economies not only in India but globally to prosper,” he said.

Abinash Verma, Director General of the Indian Sugar Mills Association, said the opening stock for the current sugar season is 8.5 MT and production is estimated to be 31 MT. Exports would account for close to six million tonnes.The excess sugar production in the country goes for exports and as also for ethanol production.

President of the association Niraj Shirgaokar said India is now a net surplus sugar producer. Exports and higher ethanol production would make the industry sustainable, he added.

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