Ensure food quality, AU V-C tells wardens and mess staff

‘Disciplinary action will be taken if anyone found neglecting duty’

Andhra University Vice-Chancellor P.V.G.D. Prasad Reddy said that wardens and mess staff should not compromise on the quality of food. He held a meeting with the staff and said that disciplinary action would be initiated if any one is found neglecting his or her duty.

Speaking during the meeting, the V-C said that no complaint should come from the students over the food quality and the staff should also behave courteously with them. He said that from now, there would be strict monitoring on university messes and soon officials would take up sudden inspections. He said that special officers will be appointed for every mess.

Chief Warden P. Premanandam instructed the officials to prepare a report over the repairs to be carried out to the hostel mess and submit to him immediately.

Registrar V. Krishna Mohan, Student Affairs Dean N. Vijaya Mohan and others were present.

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