Collect only 75 % of tuition fee in instalments, schools told


Private schools in Karaikal have received instructions to collect only 75% of tuition fee for 2020-21, based on the Fee Committee recommendations for 2019-20.

The school education department has informed the schools that the fee can be collected twice, preferably 40 % in the first instalment and 35 % in second instalment.

Specific instructions have been issued not to collect annual fee, bus fee, uniform fee, fee for extra-curricular activities, library fee, lab fee, sports and fine arts fee, medical fee and fee for value added services until the offline classes commence.

There has been no representation from parents on schools demanding excess fee from the State-board schools. However, parents of children in CBSE schools did have issues with fee payment last year. But, no parent is prepared to give a complaint in writing which is necessary for initiating action, Chief Educational Officer Alli said.

The 62 private schools in Karaikal enclave will, as usual, conduct online classes for the students.

As for the government schools, the teachers say the Puducherry Government has evolved a mechanism to keep the students engaged in teaching-learning activities at home on a daily basis under remote monitoring of teachers.

Last year, activities were carried out through formation of WhatsApp groups. Students were also encouraged to watch Kalvi Television operated by the School Education Department of Tamil Nadu. Yet, those without a smart phone were at a disadvantage.

For 2021-22, access to smart phone will not be a central factor for the teaching-learning activities. Work-sheets will be provided to students and teachers will see through their learning process, it is learnt.

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