Clean to Green on Wheels

In an effort to curb the hazards of e-waste generation, RLG India, a subsidiary of Reverse Logistics Group, announced its “Clean to Green on Wheels” initiative on Friday.

With this initiative, RLG India, a global service provider of comprehensive reverse logistics solutions, will put on the road nine mini commercial vehicles, which would cover over a lakh kilometre across the country. They will travel to 110 cities and 300 towns and engage with diverse audience, including students, corporations, bulk consumers, retailers, Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), dealers, informal sector, and healthcare providers, spreading the dos, don’ts and hazards associated with e-waste.

A collection drive was flagged off on Friday at the Telangana State Pollution Control Board. “Even as technological advancements are opening up new and unique doors of opportunities for growth and development in the country, they are creating a greater and more urgent need for each individual to become conscious of appropriate methods to dispose of the electronics once they become obsolete,” said TSPCB member secretary Neetu Kumari Prasad.

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