Body worn cameras provided to police in Salem

Salem City Police Commissioner Santosh Kumar distributed body worn cameras to police personnel from nine police stations here on Tuesday. He also handed over portable public announcement systems to them.

According to police officials, three cameras have been distributed to each of the nine police stations for use during beat patrolling.

Police said that 42 cameras have been allotted to the city police and remaining devices would be provided in near future.

Police Commissioner Santosh Kumar advised the police personnel to make good use of the devices and it would be useful during the Assembly elections as well.

Mr. Kumar said, “the cameras would be helpful in evidence collection and avoiding any unnecessary issues with the public during beat duties.”

He said that there are chances that at times, while enquiring drunken driving and other cases could get heated and the camera footage could be used as evidence if the individual use foul language. The camera footage could also be used as evidence while going on raids. He added that footage would be helpful if false complaints are raised against police.

The Commissioner said that the public announcement systems would come handy during the elections.

According to police, the device could record footage continuously for one hour and has internal storage up to 32 GB.

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