Bigg Boss Non-stop Telugu: Emotional Mumaith Khan says, Bindu Madhavi gives me 'misfit' tag

The controversial reality show Bigg Boss Non-stop Telugu  is going high with interesting tasks and arguments. As Bigg Boss divided the total of 17 contestants into two groups named warriors and challengers, the tasks were given in the same way itself.  Now Mumaith Khan has been eliminated from the show. She was the first contestant who said bye bye to the Nagarjuna hosted show yesterday.

In Sunday Funday episode,  host  Nagarjuna asked all the contestants to  dance on the stage. Later he announced that  Sarayu and Mumaith are left in the final elimination race. Unfortunately, Mumaith  Khan got eliminated .

Mumaith Khan, who belonged to Team Warriors, got eliminated in Sunday’s episode. After hearing her name, she was in a shock as her personality was portrayed in a bad way. Mumaith Khan also warned the rest of the housemates about the same.  When Mumaith was leaving the house, she was in the tears.

The actress and dancer Mumaith Khan cried her heart out as she thought she was portrayed in a bad way and she does not have time to prove  this wrong.

Nagarjuna asked Mumaith  to pick the ‘Worthy’ and ‘Waste’ contestants. She gave worthy tags to Ariyana, Akhil, Ajay, Tejaswi Madivada and Ashu whereas Waste tag to Sarayu, Bindu Madhavi, Mithra and Shiva.

Mumaith added that Bindu Madhavi gave her ‘misfit’ tag in a task whereas Chaitu portrayed her badly.

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