Bengaluru folks, here is your chance to tell your neighbourhood’s story

India Foundation for the Arts is inviting proposals for its Project 560 that explores memories, experiences, and imaginations

You might have a story from your neighbourhood. A story that has not been published in books, or carried in newspapers, or seen on screens. Yet, you think the story is fascinating and would like the world to know it.

India Foundation for the Arts, a not-for-profit organisation, is inviting you to do it as a part of Project 560. Taking its name from the first three digits of Bengaluru’s pincode, Project 560 encourages artists, scholars, institutions and neighbourhoods to engage with the city.

These engagements could be an event or a series of events like storytelling sessions, music, street performances, art installations, mapping exercises, walks and more. The work must enable people to rethink their neighbourhoods and express the joys and challenges of living together. These engagements must be public and in a physical format, with virtual elements in part, if necessary.

How can you apply?

Send a proposal with:-

A description of your neighbourhood and its uniqueness — the various kinds of people who live there, its history, shopping areas, housing patterns, community centres and cultural practices.

Details of what you would like to do and who would participate in the activities.

You may choose to write your proposal in any Indian language, including English.

If you wish to discuss project ideas before sending your proposal or have queries regarding the same, please write to [email protected]

The final proposal, with all supporting materials, should be submitted online in a single email not exceeding 25 MB to [email protected] on or before November 30.

You can also request IFA for financial support up to ₹25,000.

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