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Chikurin-no-Michi: Japan’s beautiful bamboo forest

Date: September 17
Location: Kyoto, Japan

Have you heard about Chikurin-no-Michi?

This beautiful forest of giant bamboo — which extends of more than a kilometre — is part of Kyoto’s Arashiyama district.

Many of the bamboos are 25 metres tall and have a diameter that’s up to 25 centimetres thick. They wave into each other at the slightest breeze, creating a calming sound.

Among the other attractions is the beautiful Shinto shrine, Nonomiya, where princesses used to pray.

Visitors can hire a Jinrikisha — a kind of rickshaw — for a guided tour through the forest.


District collector is 11 years old

Date: September 18
Location: Ahmedabad

Yes, it did happen, if only for a day.

Hats off to Ahmedabad District Collector Sandip Sagale who went above and beyond the call of duty to make a little girl’s dream come true.

Flora Asodia is a brave 11 year old battling a brain tumour. Her dream? To become a district collector.

When Sagale heard about her, he wasted no time in making her dream a reality. He also celebrated her birthday at his office.


Teachers build 150 houses for homeless

Date: September 19
Location: Kochi

Lessons are not just taught in the classroom.

They are taught in the outside world, by example as well.

Like Sister Lissy Chakkalakkal and Lilly Paul, teachers at a school in Thoppumpady, Kochi, have done.

With the help of donations, they have built 150 houses for homeless people over the last six years.

“We started the House Challenge Project to provide shelter to our students, whose families own land but don’t have a proper home. Our dream is to make a society free of homelessness by promoting a culture of collaboration and sharing,” says Sister Chakkalakkal.

Indian Army’s daredevil stunts

Date: September 20
Location: Jaipur

To mark the 50th anniversary of India’s victory over Pakistan in the 1971 War, the Indian Army organised a mega-event in Jaipur.

From daredevil motorcycle stunts to gravity-defying acrobatics, they showcased their awe-inspiring skills.


Madhuri goes floral

Date: September 21
Location: Mumbai

If you are in Mumbai, there’s a good chance you’ll see a star.

Here’s Madhuri Dixit, looking stunning in a floral sari.

And there’s Khushi Kapoor, in Bandra.

Look, that’s Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Rajput, who was also visiting Bandra.


90-year-old grandma drives like a pro

Date: September 23
Location: Dewas, Madhya Pradesh

She’s 90 years old, but why should that stop her?

Draped in a sari, hand wrapped firmly around the steering wheel of an old Maruti 800 hatchback, this young-at-heart lady drove straight into the hearts of social media enthusiasts.

There were many who noticed her achievement, including a certain chief minister 🙂


Rare flowers bloom near Kedarnath

Date: September 24
Location: Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

Visitors to the Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand have received an additional gift from the gods.

A variety of rare flowers — including the Neel Kamal, which blooms once in 12 years, and the Soliya — have been spotted near Vasuki Tal, which is close to the temple.

For those who can’t visit, enjoy the video!

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