Allow private buses to ferry students, operators tell CM

Private bus owners on Monday urged Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to allow their vehicles to ferry school students, seeking permission for buses that are currently open to only a handful of riders in the Capital.

The Delhi Taxi, Tourist Transporters & Tour Operators Association, which represents private bus owners, alleged that not allowing private buses to ply was affecting the families of operators from middle-class households.

“On the one hand, the Government is demanding that we pay road tax on vehicles which have been gathering dust over the last year and a half due to COVID-19 and on the other, it is yet to allow private buses to start operating despite schools having been opened from Monday,” the association’s president, Sanjay Samrat, said.

“We have written to the Chief Minister demanding that the education department be directed to allow private buses to ferry school children and give a rebate on road tax to businessmen like us who have had no work for more than a year,” he added.

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