82,992 take the jab as coverage is extended

Officials say people were enthusiastic

A total of 82,992 people — 34,254 aged 45 to 59 with co-morbidities, 29,717 senior citizens, 12,572 frontline workers and 6,449 healthcare workers — received the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday. Till date, the vaccination programme has achieved a coverage of 31,14,623 people in the State.

On Thursday, vaccination for all those aged above 45 was rolled out across the State. Although the number of people vaccinated was not readily available, officials said there was “good enthusiasm” among members of the public.

Of the 82,992 people vaccinated, 5,254 healthcare workers, 10,950 frontline workers, 30,198 persons aged 45 to 59 with co-morbidities and 26,383 senior citizens received Covishield. The remaining 1,195 healthcare workers, 1,622 frontline workers, 4,056 people with co-morbidities and 3,334 senior citizens received Covaxin. Vaccination was held in 4,778 sessions.

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