23 Oxygen Expresses get 2,026 MT of LMO

Indian Railways have successfully delivered 2,026 MT of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) to Telangana till date with the 23rd Oxygen Express arriving at Sanatnagar with 37.94 MT LMO in two container tankers from Rourkela, Odisha, on Wednesday.

While it took 23 days to achieve the first 1,000 MT of LMO, the next 1,000 MT has been achieved within 8 days. A total of 22 Oxygen Expresses have been received at Sanatnagar through 113 tankers. About 16 trains have come from Odisha, another 4 trains have come from Jharkhand, followed by 2 trains from Gujarat. These trains are run along the ‘Green Corridors’ so that the medical oxygen requirements of the State can be met at the fastest possible time frame and with minimum en route detentions. Multi-disciplinary teams have also been formed to ensure that the trains reach at the least possible time with average speeds of over 60 kmph. General Manager Gajanan Mallya complimented the officers and staff for the hassle-free and seamless operation of these trains, a press release said.

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