11-year-old boy has fatal fall from terrace

An 11-year-old boy fell to his death from the terrace of the apartment he resided in at Hosakerehalli on Thursday. The deceased has been identified as Gagan, a class VII student.

Gagan lived with his parents Pradeep and Arti in their eleventh-floor flat at Sobha Valley View Apartment. His parents had left the flat on Thursday afternoon for an hour, leaving him alone. But when they returned home, they could not find him.

When they went searching to the terrace, they spotted Gagan on the balcony of the fifth floor, which houses the apartment complex’s club house. “When they reached him, they found that he was dead,” said a police source.

The Rajarajeshwari Nagar police, who have registered a case of unnatural death, said CCTV footage showed Gagan going to the terrace. An investigation is under way to determine what exactly happened while he was there. “We are investigating to find out whether it was an accident, if he deliberately jumped, or if any foul play was involved,” the police officer said.

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