Special Cell of Delhi Police arrests two for circulating fake currency notes

Cops also seized from them fake notes with a face value of Rs 4 lakh that were allegedly printed in Pakistan and smuggled into the country via Bangladesh.

The Special Cell of Delhi Police has busted a racket supplying fake currency notes and recovered notes with a face value of around Rs 4 lakh from two accused whom they identified as Mohammed Zakir and Mohammed Alam. While Zakir is from the Northeast, Alam is from Uttar Pradesh.

Upon investigation, police came to know that the accused allegedly smuggled fake currency printed in Pakistan into the country via Bangladesh. The syndicate has already circulated fake notes in Delhi worth over Rs 15 lakh in face value, they found. All the fake notes were in denominations of Rs 100 and Rs 200.

“The Special Cell’s Northern Range team received specific information that Zakir was circulating fake notes in Delhi after receiving it from his associates and that he would come to supply them in Gokulpuri. A team was immediately formed and they decided to conduct a raid. Policemen were deployed in plainclothes and the informer identified Zakir. He was waiting for his receiver,” a senior police officer said.

Cops then saw a man arrive on a motorbike and collect a packet from Zakir. “He got alerted when the biker saw policemen and managed to escape. Police arrested Zakir first and based on information divulged by him, they were able to arrest Alam,” an officer said.

During questioning, Zakir said he received the fake notes from a friend who stays in Southeast Delhi’s Jamia Nagar and communicated with him on WhatsApp.

“The accused said they decided to circulate the fake notes in small denominations of Rs 100 or 200, as no one would pay much heed to these small amounts and they can be easily circulated in the market,” the officer said.

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