Chandigarh councillors & their paver block fixation

Paver block installation projects worth crores being proposed by Chandigarh councillors in last year of their term

MUNICIPAL COUNCILLORS in Chandigarh continue to push for approvals for installation of paver blocks worth crores even in the last year of their term. The municipal corporation’s five-year term will end later this year.

At Ram Darbar Colony, agenda of which was also brought in the House meeting recently, pavers worth Rs 1.54 crore have been sought.

This agenda was brought immediately on short notice after there was a go-ahead to Deputy Mayor Farmila’s paver blocks in Dadumajra on the contention that “the chief architect office has objections only to pavers along V6 roads”.

The work has been sought at Rs 1.54 crore for “reconstruction of internal streets” at Ramdarbar phase 1.

The proposal said said that the estimate includes dismantling of cement concrete paver blocks, earthwork in excavation and other works. Also, it was suggested that expenditure on this work shall be charged under head of “improvement of roads, parking and infrastructure facilities”.

Only for dismantling the existing concrete paver blocks in the area, an expenditure of Rs 3.07 lakh has been proposed. Providing and laying 60mm pavers would cost Rs 99.01 lakh.


The agenda of paver blocks in Dadumajra came up only after area councillor Farmila became the deputy mayor of the city.

Even as it has been five years since Farmila was the area councillor, it was only last year that she spoke of providing ‘good streets’ to people of Dadumajra.

Under the head of “providing paver blocks in internal gullies of Dadumajra village, Chandigarh”, the work was proposed at a cost of Rs 65.18 Lakh.

The public health department has laid utilities services in Dadumajra village, because of which all internal roads made up of cement concrete have heen dismantled to provide the service line.

“The general public is facing problems because of it. Therefore to restore the internal roads as before this estimate has been prepared. The undersigned alongwith SDE,JE has inspected the site and found that the paths are in bad condition and need to be re-constructed. It is also submitted that the work may be executed against the saving of ‘VDE’ fund allotted to old villages.”

“Accordingly, this rough cost estimate amounting to Rs 65.18 lakh has been prepared by taking item of work explained in scope of work. This estimate is submitted for arranging administrative approval and allotment of funds under the appropriate head of Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh,” the documents said.

The expenditure on this work will be charged under ‘infrastructure facilities in various villages’.


Here, work of “concreting the roads” was previously approved for Rs 67.64 lakh. Now, as per recommendations by NITTTR, a revised estimate of Rs 93.28 lakh has been prepared.

It was said that the scope of work taken in the estimate has been revised as per recommendation including mastic concrete on part of streets having width more than 12 feet and cement concrete on streets less than 12 feet.
It was stated that this expenditure will be charged under “village development fund”.

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