Bangladeshi woman trafficked into India rescued in Mumbai

The woman is currently in the custody of the NGO.

A 25-year-old Bangladeshi woman who was lured to India and forced into prostitution was rescued in an operation by Mumbai Police with the help of their counterparts in Bangladesh as well as Bangladeshi NGOs.

According to the police, the woman, a resident of Khulna, worked in jute mills along with her husband and earned around 1,400 Bangladeshi Taka per week. Due to the pandemic, the family was facing financial constraints. One of her co-workers offered to get her a job in a beauty parlour in India and promised a salary of Rs 1,000 per day.

“The person who offered her the Indian job was part of a sex racket, and traded the woman off to a gang for Rs 2 lakh. He convinced the woman that going to India would improve their lives. The woman left her home without informing her family,” a Mumbai Police official said.

The woman was first smuggled into Kolkata and after 10 days sent to Mumbai on a flight, where a man named Iftikhar took her to his home. During her stay at his house, she got to know that she had been sold for Rs 2 lakh and would be taken to a brothel in Hyderabad.

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Meanwhile, her husband filed a missing complaint with Bangladesh Police, who traced the co-worker who had duped the woman and booked him. They also informed West Bengal Police about the incident and they, along with Bangladeshi NGOs, tried to trace the woman.

The women, meanwhile, was taken to Hyderabad and handed over to a man named Ajay who forced her into prostitution, the police said. The woman said she was assaulted at the brothel. After five days, she managed to run away and decided to head to Mumbai, where her brother-in-law works.

The woman traced her brother-in-law, who left for Bangladesh because his visa was expiring. He then informed the woman’s husband about her location, and he informed the local police. After her whereabouts were known, a local NGO took her to the police station.

Police Inspector Dushyant Chavan said, “She was brought to the police station and a case was registered. She underwent a medical test and we have learnt she wasn’t sexually exploited.”

The woman is currently in the custody of the NGO.

Chavan added, “After completing the procedure, we will allow her to travel back.”

Mumbai Police is on the lookout for the other suspects.

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