Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme Kick Some Ass in The Last Mercenary<\/em> Trailer

Jean-Claude Van Damme may be best known for his streak of starring roles in ’80s and ’90s action movies like Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Double Impact, Universal Soldier, Timecop and Street Fighter, but he is still in fighting shape—as footage from his new movie can attest.

A trailer for the French-language Netflix action comedy movie The Last Mercenary just dropped, in which The Muscles From Brussels can be seen demonstrating his martial arts skills—not to mention his fresh-to-death dance moves—in a series of action setpieces (and in an array of wigs).

Van Damme plays “the world’s most celebrated mercenary,” an expert fighter, sharpshooter and master of disguise who simply goes by the codename Mist. A former secret agent who was denounced by his government, Mist must return to France when his estranged son becomes embroiled in a terrorist conspiracy. What follows is part shoot-’em-up, part buddy comedy, part fish-out-of-water story as the grizzled old-school loner Mist must work with a younger generation to save the day.

And yes, The Last Mercenary also provides Van Damme with another opportunity to show off what has become his trademark move over the years: the splits, which he can still perform flawlessly at 60 years old.

Speaking with Men’s Health back in 2017, JCVD said that he believes his legendary flexibility comes from a mix of genetics and the fact that he has been working out almost his entire life. “I started training when I was very young,” he said. “I was always into flexibility training, so it made my muscles very elastic. Also, I have good genes from my parents, and that DNA is very important.”

The Last Mercenary will start streaming on Netflix on July 30.

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