The Most Daring Cholis of 2022

When it came to cholis — that were worn with saris, jeans, lehengas, skirts through 2022 — like Mumbai’s over-priced flats, square footage was precious.

The lesser the few scraps of blouse-age, the more spendy and thrillingly daring they were.

Designers probably battled fatiguing wardrobe malfunction fears to make sure the silky, glittery Little Bits, thumbed their noses at gravity, to snugly snake around abs, delicate bosoms and necks of the courageous wearers, in just the right precise way.

The tribe of Adventuruous Cholis went forth and multiplied further this year, spawning all sorts of offspring — short, mischievous sheer numbers, racy wee things with complicated cutouts, delicious velvet babies, strappy, fitted stuff in clashing prints.

There are whole sites on the Internet now devoted to finding the right choli and, boy, do they have tempting merchandise.

Anyone who decided to wear a sari for an evening out, or to waltz across a red carpet, had absoloutely not the slightest excuse to wear any of that regular, yawn-yawn nani-dadi-cut fare.

Chikna Choli Moments of 2022…







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