Tana Mongeau Reacts To Ex Bella Thorne’s ‘SFB’ Music Video

Tana Mongeau is sharing her thoughts on Bella Thorne‘s latest music video.

The 22-year-old started off the new year with a new video, reacting to her ex’s song and video, which she says is a diss track about her.

“we filmed this before Christmas but I’ve been debating on if I wanted to have the scandal or not… here i am,” Tana wrote before the video played.

“I just want to preface though, we’re all angry. They’ve been angry with Bella for years, and they’ve had to suppress it, but we’re done with that,” she says in the video. “There’s been some music made about me. I’ve been feuding with Bella Thorne, something that I never really wanted to happen. I’ve really tried to avoid the feud for years now, but she decided to release a record, and music video.”

“OK I’m about to upload a video of all of us reacting to bella thorne‘s monstrosity of a music video about me..been waiting to upload this one because it’s def a scandal,” Tana shared on Twitter.

“also if i ever get in the studio with you @KillBighead i won’t act like bella thorne and sound like a dying cat and then ask for no auto tune and then tell you everything you’re doing is wrong in the most awkward way and then not pay or promote u like she does to everyone lol,” she added.

Just a few weeks ago, Tana reacted to a couple of tweets from Bella.

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