State of Maine's Relaxed Gun Laws Are Talking Point After Horrific Mass Shooting

robert card

Maine is a state in the U.S. without a red flag law to take away firearms from those who show signs of being a threat to others — a law that could have protected the 18 people killed and 13 injured in Wednesday’s mass shooting.

U.S. Army Reservist Robert Card allegedly used an AR-15-style gun to kill 18 people in Lewiston, Maine. While a massive manhunt is underway to find him, many have pointed to the state’s light gun laws as a major issue.

The state does have a yellow flag law — the main difference is that, unlike a red flag law, it doesn’t specifically empower family members to directly ask a judge to order the removal of someone’s guns and block them from purchasing more.

In this case, only cops can issue a request.

It’s also a permitless carry state and doesn’t have a robust background check program … and hasn’t banned the purchase of assault-style weapons, like the one Card allegedly used at the bowling alley where a youth league was competing.

As we reported, authorities say Card is a trained firearms instructor with 2 decades of military experience — and recently reported “hearing voices” and threatened to shoot up the National Guard Base in Saco, ME.

There are also reports he was committed to a mental institution this past summer and was released.

The question people are asking in the wake of the massacre is how Card was able to have weapons in his possession after his recently reported issues with his mental health — with some saying a red flag law could’ve prevented the tragic incident.

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