September Cover Star Awkwafina Takes the Cosmo Quiz

The September issue is, as you know, kind of a big deal. It’s the moment when magazines are their magazine-iest, all shiny and excited about the season ahead. Maybe that goes double for this particular September, after everything we’ve been through. So the task of finding the perfect cover star is a daunting one. The stakes! The pressure! But I have a confession: My job was so easy this time around. Because literally who could be better than Nora Lum, aka Awkwafina, aka the woman who’s transforming herself and us along with her in the biggest and arguably most culturally significant blockbuster of the year? Her interview exposes a lot about how she thinks, and it made me curious about how she lives—hence this fun round of rapid-fire questions and her characteristically flawless answers. Enjoy this teaser, and read more (a lot more) right here.

Full name:

The last thing I googled:

Best album for a road trip:

Best road trip snacks:

Favorite song to sing in the shower:

One thing I’ve learned about love is:

Favorite thing to do when I’m alone:

Fictional character I’d make out with:


I’d love it if no one ever asked me this question again:

Last book I read:

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