Saudi Arabia Soccer Fan Celebrates World Cup Win By Firing Gun In Air

In one of the most shocking upsets in World Cup history, Saudi Arabia beat Argentina … and their fans were so fired up, one literally grabbed his gun and opened fire into the air!


The “celebration” went down after the Saudis beat Argentina, 2-1, early Tuesday morning (US time). Argentina, with Lionel Messi, is considered one of the top 3 teams in the tournament … and many have picked them to win the World Cup. It’s the exact opposite for Saudi Arabia. They’re regarded as one of the worst teams … but, that’s why they play the games.

SA was actually down 1-0 (Messi 10′) at the half … before scoring two goals (Saleh Alshehri 48′, Salem Aldawsari 53′) in the second half.

It’s truly shocking Saudi Arabia won. They only had 2 shots on target (3 total), while Argentina had 6 shots on target (15 total). Argentina controlled the ball for 70% of the game.

Now, Saudi Arabia leads Group C with 3 points. Argentina has zero points. Mexico and Poland are currently playing each other.

messi argentina

Argentina, should they hope to advance, now has no margin for error … they must defeat Mexico on Saturday.

As for Saudi Arabia … they play Poland on Saturday.

And fellas, if they win … try clapping!

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