Quiz: Relationship? Or Situationship?

We are in an era of ships these days. And we are not talking about those vessels that float at sea.

It’s no longer simply dating and married — there are 2,000 shades in between, that get termed ships.

Let’s have a look at one of these ships — situationship.

It’s a combo of two words: Situation and relationship.

In modern dating world, it is the term for casual relationship in which two people get together and stay so as long as it is mutually beneficial.

It is a convenient arrangement for those who understands the need for emotional stability, but are still wary of commitment because it is an ambiguous relationship, bereft of a clear-cut label.

Sure, it may find similarities with friends-with-benefits, but it’s more than just that, and yet it is less than a full-blown romantic bond.

Relationship, on the other hand, is an intimate connection between two individuals, where emotional co-dependency and mutual trust is in abundance. It is monogamous in nature and the couple is transparent about the things they can expect from each other.

Despite the definitive difference in meaning of these two terms, things can be blurry sometimes and lead to confusion in one’s mind about how s/he feels for her/his partner.

Take this simple quiz to test if the love you are experiencing is a relationship or just a situationship.


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