Prince Harry lowkey traveled to Vilankulos, Mozambique this week?

It does not appear as if the British or American media has picked up on this, but it looks like Prince Harry traveled to Mozambique this week. There are already photos coming out on social media, but there’s little buzz about it from the bigger outlets. He was photographed with Eric Morier-Genoud, who posted the pic to Twitter, upon his arrival in Vilankulos, Mozambique. Harry appeared to be wearing an African Parks baseball cap – he’s president of African Parks, one of the few patronages he was not forced out of during the Sussexit.

No one knows if Harry is in Mozambique for African Parks, Travalyst, the Halo Trust or any of his other charitable or conservation associations. Hello Magazine did claim that “it’s believed that he visited several tourist destinations alongside a group of friends.” I’m trying to remember when Harry last visited any African country… I mean, it was probably 2019, the “African tour” with Meghan and Archie, correct? He’s probably been itching to check in on some of his charities and associations.

— Eric Morier-Genoud (@emorier) August 17, 2022

Photos courtesy of social media, Backgrid, WENN.

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