Morgan Wallen Reacts To Walmart Leaking His New Album

Morgan Wallen has trolled retail giant Walmart for leaking his new double-album Dangerous a week ahead of its original January 8 release date.

On Monday, January 4, Wallen shared a video on Instagram reacting to the news.

“If anyone’s gonna leak my music, it should be me. Links for leaks will be in my story shortly,” Wallen wrote in the caption.

“Hey y’all. It’s been brought to my attention that some of my music — well, my album — has leaked at some Walmarts around the country. I don’t know how that’s possible, but it has,” Wallen said. “And all the sudden some of y’all are posting trying to spread the new music which I’m super thankful for. I’m glad you’re eager to do that.”

“But man, I’ve been working on this album for three years and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let Walmart do the leaking like that let. So just keep up with me on here, and I’m gonna start doing the leaking of the songs myself,” he added.

Wallen said he doesn’t shop at Walmart and plans to give rival Target two extra songs. The two bonus tracks are “This Side of a Dust Cloud” and “Bandaid on a Bullet Hole.”

Target is also selling an exclusive “clouded vinyl” pressing of Dangerous. Meanwhile, Walmart also has its own vinyl exclusive, a three-LP blue-colored edition.

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