Line Of Duty viewers go wild as hit police drama returns

‘I couldn’t unhear it!’ Line Of Duty viewers go wild as they hear a VERY crude acronym and discover Kate’s shock twist as hit police show returns


Line Of Duty’s hotly anticipated sixth season kicked off with a bang on Sunday night.

The hit BBC show delighted viewers with several plot twists and even taught them a new acronym, with many hilariously mishearing it for something much cruder.

And although only being introduced in the first episode, new character Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson [Kelly Macdonald] certainly made her mark and left many fans with more questions than answers.

It’s back! Line Of Duty’s hotly anticipated sixth season kicked off with a bang on Sunday night

One of the stand-out new terms from Sunday’s show was CHIS, which stands for Covert Human Intelligence Sources.

However many viewers revealed that they’d be hearing the much cheekier term ‘jizz’ for the majority of the intrigue-filled episode.  

One particular scene with Davidson and DI Kate Fleming [Vicky McClure] saw them repeat the phrase several times with the women asking another officer to ‘help us locate your CHIS’.

One person tweeted: ‘This is the jizz handler?’ while someone else added: ‘Ah it’s CHIS… for half an hour I thought I’d been hearing JIZZ’ 

Shady? New character Joanne Davidson certainly left her mark on the show

And another penned: ‘Everytime they said CHIS in that episode, I heard JIZZ. And they said it A LOT. And I couldn’t unhear it!’ 

The first episode of the new series also saw several shock twists, perhaps most shockingly with the revelation that long-term AC-12 member Kate is now working with a new team.

While chatting to her new gaffer DCI Davidson, Kate says: ‘I got fed upon nicking coppers, I’d rather go after the psycho who murdered Gail [Vella].’

But despite seeming confident in her new role, some viewers were left wondering if all was at it seems and theorised that Kate could still be undercover for AC-12.

Another shock plot twist came in the reappearance of Terry Boyle who was used by the OCG in previous series and famously had a body hidden in his freezer.

The character, who has Downs Syndrome, was arrested after a police raid on an address and mistakingly gave the wrong name to officers when questioned.

Adding to the intrigue, the raid itself also became suspicious as DCI Davidson seemed to be delaying her team’s arrival when she ‘spotted’ a robbery in place.

Fans had been chomping at the bit to see what unfolds in the season premiere of Line Of Duty, with the cast and showrunner all teasing morsels of information in recent press calls. 

Martin Compston, who plays DS Steve Arnott, said: ‘I feel like the last two series have been building up to this one. There is a lot going on. There will be a lot of big questions answered. But all the drama that everyone loves will be there too!’  

Series six will follow the dynamic AC-12 trio investigating the force’s highest profile murder to date. 

Oops! Several fans joked that they’d been hearing the word ‘jizz’ rather than CHIS during the show

Guest lead Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) is assigned as the senior investigating officer on the unsolved murder case, but her suspicious conduct attracts the attention of the anti-corruption team.

Shalom Brune-Franklin, 26 — who has appeared in BBC’s Our Girl alongside Michelle Keegan — is the new addition to AC-12 as Detective Constable Chloe Bishop.

Some viewers branded the finale of the fifth series, which aired in May 2019 and drew more than nine million viewers, as an ‘anti-climax’, after it was revealed that mysterious criminal mastermind H was in fact code for four people.

So fans will be hoping the show finally reveals the fourth person’s identity — and the teaser suggests it might not be a man they are looking for.

New AC-12: Shalom Brune-Franklin, 26 — who has appeared in BBC’s Our Girl alongside Michelle Keegan — is the new addition to the AC-12 team as Detective Constable Chloe Bishop

Safety measures: Vicky McClure, who plays DI Kate Fleming, explained a whole new set was built for AC-12’s interview room to improve ventilation amid the Covid pandemic

This series of the Jed Mercurio drama also features seven episodes, making it the longest to date. 

And speaking ahead of the first episode airing, Jed revealed ‘nobody on the show is safe’ as killing off AC-12’s three main stars ‘is never far from my thoughts’.

He told a Q&A: ‘One of things about the show is nobody is safe. It keeps the audience on the edge of their seat so I know it would be a sad day, but all the main cast realise it could be possible.’ 

While Adrian Dunbar admitted it was a ‘shock’ to see the series come together after the trailer was released earlier this month.

The actor, 62, admitted he found shooting series six ‘difficult’ as the Covid pandemic meant they had to film in a non-chronological order, due to safety measures in place.

Adrian said of filming: ‘Jed and the directors had to remind me sometimes exactly where we were because we were jumping between scenes. 

‘You know, it’s sometimes difficult how to pitch something when you’re moving, as Vicky said, between directors and episodes.

‘I did find that pretty difficult, it was strange. Normally we shoot in blocks. We have one director for the first three episodes, then another because it is so complicated.

‘We’re used to that system but Covid just threw that completely. When I saw the trailer the other day it was a shock to me, because we saw the storyline compressed.

‘It had taken so long to do it and you have lots of elements of this storyline that as actors you’re not in possession of all the elements. 

‘Once you see it all together you think “god this really think is going to be something else.” And that slipped my mind, let’s put it like that.’ 

Producer Simon Heath explained how the show had to be halted in its fourth week of filming, two weeks before the nation was plunged into lockdown. 

Some of the cast and crew had been experiencing Covid symptoms and, with testing not being readily available, both Simon and writer Jed Mercurio decided to shut the production down all together.

When they returned months later, rigorous safety procedures were enforced to minimise the risk of anyone catching the virus. 

Who is H? Show-runner Jed has previously confirmed he knows how the H storyline will end but refused to reveal if viewers will uncover it in series six

Vicky McClure, who plays DI Kate Fleming, also explained a whole new set was built for AC-12’s interview room to improve ventilation. 

‘We built a set so that we had a ventilation system, you know, say AC-12 the interview room wasn’t great for Covid, it’s a glass box,’ she said.   

Vicky added: ‘The chronological order of the episodes wasn’t possible because we were bound by location and safety.’

The nature of filming meant the producers shot more footage than planned and so had a dilemma about how the show would conclude. 

Jed explained the decision behind extending the series from six episodes to seven. 

He said: ‘It would have ended early if we had six. It wasn’t the case of planning seven, it’s the effect of the interruption shooting, for all kind of reasons related to safety. 

‘What we found when we got to the end, we initially conceived having a 90-minute episode six, but with all the additions it was pretty clear it would be two hours.

‘So we had a conversation with the BBC and the decision was to split it into two episodes.’  


Line Of Duty creator Jed Mercurio excited fans when he shared the first clue about the plot of season six to Twitter.

Uploading a snap of a packet of the Australian chocolate biscuits TimTams with the caption ‘#LineofDuty Series 6 Plot Clue No. 1’, fans began to ferociously speculate as to what it might mean.

But one plot point hanging over the next season of the show is about the identity of the ominous ‘H’.

While the mystery was somewhat answered in the season five finale, it was also revealed that there are FOUR people pertaining to be ‘H’, with the final one still unknown.

So who could it be?

Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin)

Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin)

She was one of season five’s stand-out characters, swooping in towards the end of the series to interrogate Ted Hastings – highly suspected to be ‘H’ at the time.

And while she simply seemed to be excellent at her job – and hellbent on uncovering the corruption within the department – could it be that Patricia Carmichael was SO keen to pin the blame on Ted to take the focus away from herself.

Could SHE be the fourth ‘H’?

Her position of power and respect, along with her unnaturally steely and cut-throat demeanor, could well point to this.

Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar)

Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar)

Ted Hastings was pinpointed by viewers of the show, as well as the characters on the show, to be a candidate for ‘H’.

But it seemed he was exonerated by the end of season five, allowed to walk free.

But could be potentially be triple-crossing us all? Could he in fact STILL be the potential fourth ‘H’.

The biggest issue with this theory is that Gill Biggeloe – one of the three revealed to be ‘H’ – was so against him. Surely she wouldn’t be working to deter him if they were in league?

UNLESS, she doesn’t KNOW he is the fourth ‘H’?

DCC Andrea Wise (Elizabeth Rider)

DCC Andrea Wise (Elizabeth Rider)

Detective Chief Constable Andrea Wise was new to the show in season five and is another high-powered contender for ‘H’.

She has been constantly interfering when it has come to supporting AC-12’s investigations, removing them from the investigation into Operation Pear Tree. She also instigated the Ted Hastings investigation.

She is also keen to cover up police corruption, despite announcing at the end of season five: ‘This constabulary will work tirelessly to root out rotten apples in its ranks.’

PCC Rohan Sindwhani (Ace Bhatti)

PCC Rohan Sindwhani (Ace Bhatti)

Police and Crime Commissioner Rohan Sindwhani demanded to be ‘in on’ a meeting between Andrea Wise and Ted Hastings. This might be a small clue but any clue could be valid at this point.

Any shady behavior suggests ‘H’ is at play, and so Rohan could indeed be culpable.


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