Kate Garraway’s husband has made ‘no dramatic progress’ as host issues update

Kate Garraway recalls Derek being stuck in passport line

Kate Garraway spoke out about her husband Derek Draper’s health status at last night’s National Television Awards, revealing the heartbreaking news that he has made “no dramatic progress” in recent times.

Derek sustained damage to his liver, pancreas and kidneys, and endured inflammation in his brain, while he has also battled sepsis as complications from the virus weakened his immune system.

Kate gave an update on how he is doing to The Sun, explaining sadly: “There’s been no dramatic progress I’m afraid but we keep ploughing on.”

Talking of the NTAs event, she added: “Derek and the kids are all watching at home but we’ve got it on record too to watch together. I’m just glad I didn’t fall over!”

Kate looked stunning and braved a smile on the red carpet in spite of the pressure of her spouse’s continuing ill health.

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She wore a chic white trouser suit, with a floral corsage cinching her in slightly at the waist.

Last year, the 56-year-old Good Morning Britain star had audience members in tears as she collected an award for Best Authored Documentary after creating Caring For Derek.

The show shared the day-to-day difficulties she had gone through with a husband who has largely been confined to a wheelchair and now finds it difficult to communicate or even travel as a passenger in a car for long.

The heartbroken TV host had previously tried to take him to Mexico for “potentially life-saving treatment” and was pleased with medics’ efforts, but ran into hurdles due to his lack of “upper body strength” and “cognitive skills” since his illness.

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She spoke in a GMB segment about how he’d got trapped after struggling to negotiate the disabled access at Heathrow Airport’s passport gates.

“We realised we couldn’t get him into the country,” the horrified star shared, explaining: “He went forward [in the machine] and the door locked and then the disabled person has to free it.

“You’re not allowed because of the border to do it yourself. He was stuck in no man’s land and literally between two borders for about an hour or so.

“That’s even when conscious effort has been made to make things work.”

Kate opened up to The Sun on another occasion about how desperate her formerly healthy and full of life husband has become.

“There are some days where he literally cannot do anything and it’s like the computer is switched off,” she explained.

“He cannot move, and he’s in so much pain as we are manipulating him, trying to get him more mobile so that he doesn’t regress.”

She added: “I always ask him if he wants to stop, and he grunts, ‘No. No.’ It is unbearable.”

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