Duchess Meghan hung out with Tyler Perry & Ted Sarandos in Beyonce’s VIP section

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As we discussed, the Duchess of Sussex went to Beyonce’s birthday concert on Monday (Labor Day here in America). This was, to our knowledge, Meghan’s second time at one of Beyonce’s Renaissance concerts. Last Friday, Meghan went to the LA concert with her husband, mother and bestie (Abigail Spencer). On Monday, Meghan apparently went to the concert with Tyler Perry, and they were seen socializing together and greeting other celebrities in the VIP area. That’s Princess Lilibet’s godfather! In addition to spending time with Tyler, Meghan obviously spent time with Kerry Washington and Kelly Rowland, and Beyonce’s official photographer got some pics of the three women.

As you can imagine, the reaction to Harry and Meghan spending the whole Labor Day weekend rubbing elbows with A-listers has caused a major meltdown. They saw photos of Kerry Washington and Kelly Rowland and they cried. They claimed that Meghan hung out with the Kardashians, oh noes. Now they’re screaming because it looks like Meghan was seated next to Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos and his wife Nicole Avant. Just a few seats down from them? Kris Jenner, Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. Now the Mail claims that Meghan only attended Beyonce’s birthday concert for “business”? I agree that Meghan mixed business with pleasure, but if anything, these photos show why Netflix has been Team Sussex this whole time.

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