Josie Gibson ‘I’m single – I’ve got too much self-respect to settle’

Josie Gibson seems to have it all – a gorgeous home, incredible career and an adorable little boy who adores her.

The only thing missing is a man to come to home to at night, but the bubbly Bristolian says she has too much pride to settle for anything other than perfect.

Speaking exclusively to OK!, the This Morning presenter shares why her most recent dalliance broke down, and why she's cautious when it comes to her partners.

“I’m quite old-fashioned and I’m cautious about who I bring into my son’s life, because I want to protect him," she says. "I’d have to be going out with someone a year before I introduced them to Reg."

Last month the 38-year-old Big Brother winner opened up about a new love interest during an appearance on the telly show Shopping With Keith Lemon. She said the new romance was giving her "the flutters", leaving the identity of her new man a mystery.

Sadly though, it wasn't meant to be.

“I was love-bombed, but that didn’t work out,” she explains. “I’m single as a Pringle because I’ve got too much pride in myself and too much self-respect to ever go near anyone who doesn’t follow the same values I do."

She continues, “You’ve got to be careful that people are with you for the right reasons. So the only man in my life is my Reggie.”

For now Josie is happy for the only man in her life to be her little son Reggie-James, now five. She had him during her relationship with former property developer boyfriend Terry, 53. The couple split when Reggie was just a few months old but they happily co-parent together.

“Don’t get me wrong, we have our ups and downs, but I am so happy he’s Reggie’s dad,” she says. “I love watching them together – it’s the sweetest thing. Terry is the best dad in the world and he’s obsessed with Reg. He would never, ever give up on him.

“I’m in a fortunate position because for a lot of mums out there, the dads aren’t always there for their kids, but he is there 100%.”

Josie's work diary has become busier and busier recently, especially after Philip Schofield left an empty spot on the This Morning sofa.

On top of joining Holly Willoughby and close pal Alison Hammond as a regular presenter, she's also rumoured to be entering the Australian jungle in this year's I'm A Celebrity – or waltzing into the ballroom on Strictly Come Dancing.

Although she's less confident about the latter, she jokes.

"I would love, love, love to do Strictly – mainly to get fit,” she says. “But I haven’t got any coordination and my memory is terrible. I don’t know how the poor producers at work put up with me, because my memory is so bad. I’ve got to really learn my script. I wing it all the time.”

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